Bonded Warehouse Spain

Bonded warehouse
A bonded warehouse is a type of bonded area to indefinitely store goods from outside the EU without accruing any tax.

This type of storage is ideal for companies importing high value goods with a low or medium rotation, allowing them to defer payment of import VAT and any import duties that may apply.

A bonded warehouse is also useful for trading companies that need a stock in Spain to be closer to their customers but who need to avoid or delay import VAT and duties.

Goods that arrive from a third country can be covered for transportation to a customs warehouse under a Single Administrative Document (SAD).

Our storage facilities are approved customs warehouses and non-customs warehouses offering maximum flexibility to importers and exporters.

Customs warehouses are often confused with temporary storage facilities, which are used for up to a maximum of 90 days after the third-country goods have arrived until they are customs-approved.

Bonded warehouses in Spain

We have our own bonded warehouses in Barcelona, Madrid, Ribarroja and Onteniente. 

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