Proof of origin approved exporter status

What does obtaining proof of origin approved exporter status involve?

It is a simplified proof of origin system for exports set out in the majority of European Union preferential agreements.

The system allows for the proof of origin to be an invoice declaration or other sales document instead of a certificate of origin which would have to be stamped by customs for every export operation.

Who should obtain the status and what are the requirements?

  • Those who regularly export to countries with which the European Community has preferential agreements that provide for the option of simplified procedures for approved exporters.

  • That products intended for export comply with the rules of origin and other requirements set out in the relevant preferential agreement.

  • An exporter who provides an invoice declaration should at all times, at the request of the customs authorities in the country of export, be prepared to present all the documents that prove the originating status of the products and show their compliance with the conditions specified in the rules of origin in the preferential agreements.

How can a company apply for an authorisation as an approved exporter?

An application needs to be made, which we can organise, with the following informations:

  • Company identification (Name, Tax Identification number (NIF)), as well as the address, telephone number, contact names and the signature of the authorised person in charge, in order to ensure the application is processed correctly.
  • A description of the manufactured products for export along with tariff headings with a minimum of four digits.
  • A description of the raw materials, components, etc., used in the manufacture of each product, as well as the country of origin if the products are not from the European Community and tariff headings with a minimum of four digits.
  • The percentage of non-EU materials used in the manufacture of the product for export.
  • The number of EUR-1 movement certificate applications made to the customs authorities in the two years prior to the application.
  • The person in charge of dealings with the authorities and their National Identity Document (DNI).
We can process your application with the Spanish customs to obtain approved exporter status.

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