Customs broker

Customs brokers

We streamline customs procedures via our network of authorized customs brokers. Besides clearing your goods, we also provide customs advice and tax representation services to help you comply with importing and marketing requirements.

We expedite and handle your customs procedures to clearing your goods, saving you time and money.

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Customs brokers

We provide customs clearance and customs coordination services with authorized brokers under applicable legislation in every country we operate in.

Our network of customs brokers handles administrative issues to make your import and/or export operations easier. They also sort out any incidents with Customs on your behalf, saving you time and money.

As your customs broker, we take care of customs formalities in import and export operations including:

  • Submitting to Customs the documentation required in each situation to clear your goods.
  • Going to Customs as your representative if the cargo has to be inspected to make sure everything is done properly.
  • Streamlining customs processes to save you time and money.
  • Advising you on tax incentives so that you can benefit from the numerous advantages offered by customs regulations.

Our customs team in Spain is also one of the first logistics operators to be certified as an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) which means we get priority attention from the Spanish customs authorities and the European Union. We also have an excellent reputation in Mexico and Latin America.

We design and implement customs solutions to simplify your foreign trade operations.


Customs clearance

Apart from clearing your goods, we also provide you with all our customs team’s know-how to carry out the pre-clearance tasks needed to meet requirements for importing and marketing your goods. This includes:

  • Support in customs procedures and ongoing information about your freight’s inward customs clearance status
  • Submitting certificates of origin and preferential agreements.
  • Import and export clearance.
  • Help with inspections.
  • Customs clearance in a range of customs procedures, free zones and bonded warehouses.

Customs advice

If you need advice on clearing your goods or about prior documentation, our customs management team specializes in:

  • Accredited verification units for regulatory compliance
  • Registrations, procedures and getting certifications to comply with non-tariff regulations and restrictions.
  • Processing import requirements in the country of destination.
  • Handling authorizations prior to importation.
  • Handling certified undertaking and inspection at origin.
  • Training in regulations and legislation tailored to each industry.
Agentes de aduanas, representación fiscal

If your company is not Spanish but you would like to import into or export from Spain, you can do so through a tax representative. This means that you don’t need to set up a new company in this country or conduct your operations through third parties to get the same tax advantages as a Spanish undertaking. As your tax representative:

  • We apply for a Spanish VAT number and European EORI number for your company.
  • We file your VAT returns and process applications for VAT refunds, offsetting and payments.
  • We handle your correspondence with the tax and customs authorities and sort out any issues to protect your interests.

Other customs services



    We have specialists in customs operations by type of industry and product. We handle customs clearance for a wide range of industries.


    Our goal is to help you shorten your supply chain by linking customs clearance to your door-to-door logistics.


    Our processes make sure you are up to speed at all times and also keep a digital record of your customs clearance transactions available for as long as required by law.


    Our AEO certification means we are a trusted partner of the European customs authorities while in Latin America our customs brokers are assessed, quality certified and authorized under each country’s customs legislation.

Find out more about our advisory and customs clearance services and save time and money in your customs operations.

Legal notice

Pursuant to Decree 2883 of 2008, section 15, sub-section 3, of the Republic of Colombia, as a LEVEL 2 customs brokerage we offer you the following services:

  • Financial statementsnotes to the financial statements and auditors’ report.
  • Identification of the legal representatives, officers, directors, customs brokers and assistants authorized to deal with the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs together with a summary of their curriculum vitae showing their experience or expertise in foreign trade.

We also encourage you to read BMA–TIBA’s Code of Ethics to share our culture and values.

As established in article 17° of the Regulations of the General Customs Law, modified by Supreme Decree N° 367-2019 – Authorization procedure for foreign trade operators (Customs Agents) and Supreme Decree Nº 011-2011-PCM – Regulations for the complaints Book of the Consumer Protection and Defense code; we put as disposal:

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