Quality and environmental policy

TIBA provides services as a logistics operator, freight forwarder, and customs services provider, and is committed to meeting the requirements specified by customers, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, and to continuously improve the Quality, Environmental, and Medical Device Management System, according to ISO 9001, 14001, and 13485 standards.

Similarly, this quality and environmental policy is aligned with the company’s strategic plan, the organizational context, including the nature, magnitude, and environmental impacts of its activities, and its VMV (Vision, Mission, and Values). Through this policy, the General Management establishes and reviews Quality, Environmental, and Medical Device objectives.

Our Vision is:

“Making the logistic world the best experience.”

Our Mission is:

“Facilitating logistic solutions based on operational and informational excellence through our human talent, always focused on the customer and strategic allies, innovating with cutting-edge technological tools.”

Our Values are:

Commitment, Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, Solidarity, and Sustainability.

Considering these values, TIBA, aware of its legal and social responsibilities regarding the Environment, Safety, and Health at work, considers these factors as an integral part of its management model and undertakes to promote, develop, implement, and maintain the best practices in these matters, including a commitment to environmental protection, including pollution prevention.

In summary, TIBA’s Management seeks continuous improvement through the establishment and continuous review of quality, environmental, and medical device objectives within the framework established by this document.

The heads of the different departments of the company acknowledge the authority held by the SIG Manager in matters of Quality, Environment, and Medical Device Policy, by express delegation of the Management. Likewise, they undertake to disseminate among the personnel of their department the guidelines and objectives formulated by the Management of the company in terms of Quality and Environment.

The Quality and Environmental Policy is available to the public and stakeholders.

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