Healthcare logistics

Healthcare logistics

Logistics for medical devices, medicines, cosmetics, perfumes, biocides and antiseptics.

Perfumes, cosmetics, creams, moisturising lotions, beauty products, make-up, nail polish, tattoo products, medical apparatus, medical and surgical instruments, tattooing materials, natural medicine, orthopaedic equipment, goggles, first-aid kit, dental material, medicines are drugs and raw materials intended for human or animal, among others .

Build a competitive advantage in your international operations. We offer comprehensive solutions  bringing together all of the services involved in imports and exports

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Our healthcare logistics division delivers value-added services tailored to the industry

  • Healthcare logistics advice

    We scrutinise community requirements carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the necessary documentation and the viability of importation. We handle all of the necessary permits in the territory where sales and distribution will take place.

  • Logistic operator

    Comprehensive services across the entire logistics chain including:

    • International transport:we always provide the best option for sea, air and land transport based on the urgency and features of the operation. Your products will reach their destination safely while complying with all legal and logistics requirements.
    • Customs services:we have experts in handling customs procedures for this kind of products. We operate in a specialized environment to ensure your goods reach their destination without any last-minute hitches.
    • Storage and distribution:we have authorized warehouses for cold and room temperature storage of all kinds of products prior to distribution or marketing at destination.
  • Trainning

    We deliver external training courses on processes and regulations concerning medical devices, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals at your facilities.

  • Hospital logistics

    Positioning, setting up and removing medical equipment.

Specialized logistics for medical devices, cosmetics and medicinal products

We provide you with a specialized service for importing, exporting, marketing and/or distributing the following products for human and animal use.

Medical devices

Cosmetics and personal care



Our specialistis at your disposal and can help you to obtain a competitive advantage as well as complying with legal and logistics requirements.

  • We offer comprehensive solutions, bringing together all of the services involved in import and export.
  • Our distinctive approach is based on following the entire import process from its point of origin to its final destination.
  • Our team will help you to get all the documentation required for your products, quickly and competitively, such as Certificates of Conformity for CE marking, safety assessment reports for cosmetics and personal care products, accredited laboratory documentation, and product registration.
  • Each product and each client receive a unique service. We study each step, contacting your supplier at the point of origin, if necessary, in order to ensure that the product complies with the relevant import/export requirements.

We monitor all stages of the process from start to finish.


We have many examples of success stories in this field.

  • We have been working with the central purchasing body of a large medical group since 2014 which has just begun to export. We handle all of the initial health documentation and permits and we carry out national distribution through our warehouses.
  • We take care of the logistics for a large multiproduct distribution company with a small cosmetics division. After working with them for some time, we now act as their European Authorised Representatives for their cosmetics suppliers in China, to ensure regulatory compliance for these products.
More than 90% of the companies that have entrusted us with their import projects have successfully materialised their plans. They are now up and running, and are growing.
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