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Freight forwarder and customs broker in Hermosillo


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Freight Forwarders in Hermosillo

Hermosillo is an important connection for Mexico-USA international commerce; and is also ranked as one of the cities with greater business opportunity in Mexico, thanks to the proximity (just 270 km) with the border of the United States of America and its easy access by air, land and sea.

Its International Airport ‘General Ignacio Pesqueira’ has connections throughout all Mexican country and abroad. Additionally, Hermosillo has six strategic border crossing, through which goods can be moved quickly above all with North America countries.

  • San Luis Rio Colorado
  • Sonoita
  • Sasabe
  • Nogales
  • Naco
  • Agua Prieta

We stay in Hermosillo since April 2015, with the principal aim of boosting imports and exports between Mexico and USA. Whether by air, sea or land, we are serve as customs broker and freight forwarder for local and multinational companies in the region.

freight forwarder and customs brokers hermosillo

The main origin of Sonora imports are the countries of Canada, China, Germany, Japan, USA, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan.

For exports, Sonora transports a variety of agricultural products, mainly to countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, European Union, Central and South America.

The meat of pork and beef, frozen, fresh or processed, is exported to USA, Canada, Korea, Denmark, Greece, Japan and Venezuela.

Products such as shrimp, sardines, giant squids and blue crabs, are mainly exported to Korea from the North and South, USA, European Union, Japan, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Haiti, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

In support to importers and agricultural exporters in the region, TIBA Hermosillo offers through its perishables division, logistic solutions adapted to the particularities of the food chain, providing the customer total certainty that their products will retain their properties the most, and will arrive to its destination in perfect condition.

In addition to its Perishables division, TIBA offers the widest range of vertical solutions.

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