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TIBA SPAIN, S.A.U. (Algeciras)
Edificio de Servicios, Área El Fresno
Los Barrios, Cadiz
Get a quote: +34 961 340 787
Other issues: +34 956 634 085
Fax: +34 956 633 965

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Freight forwarders in Algeciras

We are a freight forwarder established in Algeciras specialized in shipping, air and land transport. We have extensive experience as a customs broker, being one of the first AEO certified freight forwarders in Spain.

The port of Algeciras ensures excellent shipping connections to Andalusia and Extremadura regions in Spain.

We act as freight forwarders in Algeciras and customs broker in the ports of Cadix, Malaga and Seville.

Our office is very involved in land transport to/from Morocco, especially dealing with customs clearance of import and export trucks. Airfreight in the area is ensured through the airports of Seville, Malaga and Madrid.

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