Reefer container shipping

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Reefer container shipping

Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, chocolate, wine, pharmaceutical products, chemical products, and others.

Get solutions for the maritime transport of your goods at a controlled temperature in a refrigerated container.

Refrigerated Containers

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Reefers (refrigerated containers) are a type of intermodal container equipped with a refrigeration unit that enables the transport of temperature-sensitive goods, such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products, chocolate, wine, pharmaceutical products and chemical products.

Although reefers come with an internal refrigeration unit, they rely on external power to run, either in the form of electrical power points on vessels or at the terminals. When they are hooked up to the trucks that transport them, they are powered by diesel generators incorporated on these trailers, known as “gen sets”.

Not all trucks and trailers are equipped with gen sets. Contact us and we will give you for a competitive quote for reefer transport.

Check the reefer cargo guide to see whether the temperature your goods need can be maintained throughout the journey.

Te recomendamos consultar la guía de carga de contenedores reefer, para asegurarte que tu mercancía conserva la temperatura deseada durante todo el trayecto.

Servicios especializados en transporte marítimo refrigerado


Complete container for the shipment of your perishable goods such as food and beverages at controlled temperature, essential for the export of some fruits that need cold treatment.


It consists of coordinating the loading of perishable goods from different suppliers into the same refrigerated container.


Flexitank designed to be installed in reefer containers for the import and export of bulk liquids that need to travel at a controlled temperature due to their rapid fermentation such as milk or juice.

Types of refrigerated containers

  • According to features

    The main porpouse of the reefer containers is to keep the goods at a constant temperature between -25ºC and + 25ºC avoiding peaks that could damage the products. Although this is sufficient for the majority of products, others require lower temperatures or other conditions, which may require the use of more specific types of reefers, so we can find:

    • Reefer container:  with a margin of +/- 2ºC, within a temperature range of -25ºC to +25ºC.
    • Super freezers:These reefers are equipped with a more powerful refrigeration unit and more efficient insulating material, which means goods can be kept at temperatures of up to -60ºC. This type of reefer is very much in demand for shipments to and from Japan (tuna, sword fish, etc.) and for some pharmaceutical products.
    • Controlled atmosphere: These reefers can maintain a specific atmospheric pressure. This is useful, for example, to control the ripening process of fruit transported in a reefer. Some of these containers can also provide high humidity conditions.
    • Ventilated containers: These shipping containers are fitted with thermal insulation and refrigeration units that provide excellent ventilation. They are the perfect solution for products such as onions, potatoes, garlic and coffee.
    As this is a very specific type of reefer, it can only be obtained by freight forwarders with considerable experience in the reefer market. Tell us what your reefer needs are. We can help you.
  • According to his measurements

    Reefers comply with ISO 6346, while the weight limits for each reefer vary by country (both the country of origin and destination). The most common types of reefers are:

    Type of reefer Measurements* (length x width x height) Comments
    20’RF 5,5 x 2,2 x 2,2  / 28 m3 Not common in some ports and sometimes costs the same as a 40’ reefer.
    40’RF 11,6 x 2,2 x 2,2  / 59 m3
    40’HRF 5,5 x 2,2 x 2,5  / 28 m3 This is the most common type of reefer and the easiest to find.

    (*) Approximate measurements, subject to the shipping line and the production run of each container.

    If you need to send less than 12,000 kg of goods at a controlled temperature, ask us about our reefer groupage shipping or LCL, it could just fit the bill.
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