Bulk Wine Transportation


Flexitanks are the ideal option for ocean transportation of bulk wineTIBA has a specialized division for the  transportation of bulk liquids, which has extensive knowledge and experience in the use of flexitanks

Transportation Capacity

Wine is a very price-sensitive product. At TIBA, we know how critical it is for our clients to optimize logistics operations costs to reduce its impact on the product’s final price.   This is why we offer flexitanks with a capacity up to 24,000 liters (6,340 gallons)!

– Compared to IBC’s, flexitanks have 20% more capacity.

– Compared to DRUMS, flexitanks have room for 50% more freight.

Evolution of Wine and Sensory related Properties during Ocean Transportation

A major concern for both exporters and importers is oxygen exposure during transportation, which could affect the quality of the wine causing it to “degrade”. For this reason, TIBA uses flexitanks that are designed specifically for bulk transportation of wine.

Flexitank with EVOH Barriers

This type of flexitank has a third internal barrier made of *EVOH (ethylene-vinyl alcohol) which decreases oxygen exposure by up to 50%. The EVOH barrier is specially designed to minimize the degradation of the wine during transport, eliminating unwanted aromas and/or tastes.

*EVOH: Thermoplastic polymer that is widely used in the food packaging industry. The use of EVOH barriers not only reduces oxygen exposure, it also decreases the likelihood of introducing other possible contaminants, such as naphthalene or TCA [Trichloroanisole], to the wine.

Do you need to test the compatibility of your wine with our flexitanks? TIBA offers sample flexitanks with a capacity up to 20 liters (5 gallons).

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