Angolan customs regulation

New angolan customs regulation

Angolan General Tax Administration notice

TIBA would like to inform you that due to recurrent challenges to make overseas payments this year, the Angolan General Tax Administration (GTA) has issued a notice allowing Angolan Customs to handover containers to importers without presentation of original Bills of Lading (B/L) release from the Carrier.

All parties on B/L, must therefore be guided that the Carrier has no control over the cargo once discharged. As a result, in case of cargo delivery to the Consignee by Angolan Customs without prior release from the Carrier, the Carrier will not be liable for delivery of cargo without original B/L at the Angolan ports.

For any new shipments to Angolan ports, the following will apply and be included in our B/L:

“Merchants are expressly made aware that due to new Angolan Customs Regulations, Terminal Operators are requested to allow delivery of import cargo without need of presentation of the Bills of Lading or release from shipping agents. Discharge at Angolan port is made at the Merchant’s risk and the Carrier’s liability ceases after discharge of goods into Customs custody.”

As a consequence, TIBA strongly recommends that Shippers obtain payment for their cargo before loading at the port of origin.

TIBA is committed to support your business the best possible way under these circumstances that are beyond its control but will not be able to accept any liability for cargo handed over to Consignees without our prior release.

TIBA will keep you posted with any further developments.

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