Warehouses and storage

We have warehouses in Panama City and in the Special Economic Zones of Colon Free Zone and Panama Pacifico, were we offer handling and storage, and all the services needed for local-domestic distribution and international export.

Warehousing and storage in Panamá and Colon Free Zone

TIBA Panama has its comprehensive and multimodal logistics center in the Colon Free Zone, just 30 minutes from Panama City, in the area of the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea, close to major ports on both oceans, Pan-American Highway and the Tocumen International Airport.

Our facilities are noted for their highly functional design, equipped with the latest technology and:

• Warehouses of 10,000 m2, with a capacity of 100,000 m3
• Five loading and unloading ramps
• Forklifts, to facilitate cargo movement
• Forklift trucks.
• Electronic weight
• Video monitoring system with individual access for you to have access to your cargo 24/7.
• External inspection to ensure that your load is always safe
• Contingency Insurance
• Racks
• Flexible hours, with the possibility of providing services on Sundays and holidays.

Benefits of racks in our warehouses

Increase Sales

• Increases “throughput”.
• Improve timely shipments.
• Improve delivery accuracy.
• Quality of delivered product.
• Improved customer satisfaction.
• Consolidates orders.
• Improved aesthetics.

Improve productivity

• SKU Improves organization.
• Less time to complete the order.
• Decrease the travel distance to floor.
• Optimizes the flow.
• Increases the inventory cycle.
• More orders per hour

Reduce costs 

• Maximize the use of space.
• Prevents damage to the product.
• Reduce shipping cycle.
• Reduce picking errors.
• Improve security.

Location of warehouses and storage of goods in Panama

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