Project Cargo

Carga de proyectos



Special cargo for oil & gas industry, EPC, power and energy, petrochemical, renewable energy or infraestructure projects, mining, military and defense among other.

Tell us your needs and explain us your project, our team specialized in heavy and oversizedwill cargo will offer you the best logistics solution for your operation.

Oversized, Heavy or Hazardous Cargo Transportation

Although our experience in special transport for industrial projects dates back to the early 90’s, we create a new, specialized division in Mexico in 2012 in response to its clients’ specific needs, specially designed for overweight, oversized, or hazardous cargo. Within this division, we create high-level logistics solutions for project cargo transportation and sizable projects, such as relocating industrial plants from one country to another. We cover all the Mexican territory and gives operational support to our overseas offices, specially those in Latin America, but also Algeria, Spain, Portugal and Palop.

“Yes, it can be done” is our daily motto. Our client base include top companies in the construction, mining and nuclear energy sectors, where turn-key projects are designed and delivered.

Defining advanced project logistics requires flexibility, specific knowledge and a true passion to find solutions to the challenges that arise.

Project Cargo Services

Our specialists are trained to study, plan and implement all phases of complex logistics projects including:

  • Turnkey projects.

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Site surveys.

  • Industrial packaging design.

  • Customs clearance.

  • Onsite logistics.

  • Multimodal transport design.

  • Chartering.

  • Base and warehouse project management.

  • International cargo insurance.


Logistic solutions for supply and turnkey projects of infrastructures, machinery and overheight and oversized goods for the following industries:










How we do it

With locations in over 40 countries, we have specialized teams dedicated exclusively to special projects and oversized cargo in different parts of the world. We are active members of WPG (World Project Group), one of the largest networks of independent cargo agents with more than 12,000 member offices in 180 countries and ports worldwide.

We closely follow health and safety prodedures. We maintain the necessary contacts to local administration and keep up to date with laws and regulations.

Take advantage of our special logistics solutions customized for a variety of industries.
  • Urgent transport of components of the wind sector
    We urgently transport several components of a wind turbine from Spain and the United States to a wind farm in Nicaragua, in 20 days less than it takes for a typical shipment of these characteristics.
  • Logistics for the wind sector in Costa Rica
    Project cargo teams from Mexico and Spain complete a door-to-door transportation service for components for the wind sector from Spain to Costa Rica. The cargo of the nacelle, the nose and the hub is made as ro-ro goods with a mafi platform.
  • Blade load of wind turbine
    Our specialized land transportation began a journey to take a cross from Pennsylvania, USA to Nicaragua, passing through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in an estimated route of 6,500 km.

Ask us and send your special cargo

Tell us your needs and our project cargo team, specialized in sending heavy and oversizedwill goods will offer you the best logistics solution for your operation.

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Covid19 Notice

Important Notice regarding COVID-19

Dear clients and partners of TIBA,
We are receiving many questions regarding the situation at ports, customs and, in general, regarding the services that TIBA provides to our customers. We cannot foresee the extent to which these will be affected; however, there is no doubt that this exceptional situation will probably cause affectations, mainly due to delays, cancellations or modifications, either during goods transportation, or relating to customs brokerage or other formalities and services.
Customers, suppliers, transport companies, custom brokers, shipping lines, warehouses and, in general, any member of the supply chain, including TIBA family, will be directly affected by this situation.
Unfortunately, these circumstances will be beyond our control. Despite TIBA undertaking a firm commitment to minimize as much as possible the effects, we shall not accept responsibility for any damage derived from the current situation, or those caused by security and prevention measures adopted in order to guarantee our employees, customers and suppliers’ health, during coronavirus.
We thank you for your understanding and patience at present time.