Perishables logistics

Perishable Logistics

logistics solutions tailored to the special needs of the food chain.

Vaccines and medicides, seefood, frozen juices, vegetables, meat, milk, fresh cheese, butter, processed food, fruits and others.

Send your food stuff in a safe way. We add value to the supply chain, optimizing costs and reducing the risks inherent to the transport of perishable goods..


TIBA offers logistics solutions tailored to the special needs of the food chain, creating value, optimizing costs and reducing the risks inherent to the transport of perishable goods.

The food industry is undergoing two major changes:

  • Delocalisation of plantations: industrialized countries produce less agricultural products.
  • Deseasonalized demand: consumers want to eat oranges, pineapples and melons all year round.


TIBA is assumed as your one-stop shop for your food import processes: control from the outset, ensuring the best transit time until arrival at destination.Under the customs point of view, we provide you with over 30 years experience. Whatever the transportation option, TIBA can always put thermal imagers (data loggers) with the goods to recording and monitoring of temperature, from the time of loading to the point of unloading at the final destination. Useful tool for any dispute with insurance companies, allows either the sender or the consignee to ensure the good treatment that their products were at all shipping stages without breaking the cold chain break.

What Do We Transport?

Logistics Solutions for Perishable Goods


  • Consolidation in temperature controlled warehouses
  • Solutions for insulating merchandise
  • Solutions for temperature control
  • Preferential freight agreements
  • Preferential agreements with regards to free storage time allowed at origin and destination
  • Air charters for large expedite cargo
  • Customs clearance
  • Consulting services for exporters and traders


  • Quality control at the origin and destination
  • Solutions for temperature control
  • Consulting services for importers
  • Preferential freight agreements
  • Customs clearance
  • Advanced customs solutions
  • Temperature controlled warehousing
Covid19 Notice

Important Notice regarding COVID-19

Dear clients and partners of TIBA,
We are receiving many questions regarding the situation at ports, customs and, in general, regarding the services that TIBA provides to our customers. We cannot foresee the extent to which these will be affected; however, there is no doubt that this exceptional situation will probably cause affectations, mainly due to delays, cancellations or modifications, either during goods transportation, or relating to customs brokerage or other formalities and services.
Customers, suppliers, transport companies, custom brokers, shipping lines, warehouses and, in general, any member of the supply chain, including TIBA family, will be directly affected by this situation.
Unfortunately, these circumstances will be beyond our control. Despite TIBA undertaking a firm commitment to minimize as much as possible the effects, we shall not accept responsibility for any damage derived from the current situation, or those caused by security and prevention measures adopted in order to guarantee our employees, customers and suppliers’ health, during coronavirus.
We thank you for your understanding and patience at present time.