Customs brokers

Customs brokers in Colombia

A good setup can save precious time and simultaneously optimise the financial and fiscal impact of international trade to a company.

We have developed a real especialty in tailor-made customs brokerage solutions, where reducing time and cost is our number one focus.


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Customs Broker

The customs agent receives the order from the customer to deal with the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN) to get inward customs clearance for goods in the case of imports and to perform customs export procedures in the case of exports.

We have a specialized team in customs management with good knowledge of the bureaucracy of Colombia who will handle the clearance of your goods. Our customs brokers will take care of the administrative issues, simplifying your import and/or export operations and they will solve any customs incident on your behalf saving you time and money. As your customs broker we are committed to:

  • Customs advice

    Advisory service on customs regulations for imports and exports and on getting permits from the health authorities: Colombian Agricultural and Livestock Institute (ICA) and National Institute of Drug and Food Surveillance (INVIMA).

  • Customs processes

    Support in customs procedures, representing you in dealings with inspection and coordination agencies and submitting your customs transit operations (Customs Transit Declaration, DTA) to the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN).

  • Inspection processes

    Optimising pre-inspection and/or inventory processes prior to import customs clearance of your cargo. We take serial and reference numbers for customs and assist you with physical inspections.


    Ongoing and timely information about your freight’s inward customs clearance status.


Our customs agent will take care of all the formalities with Customs for the release of your goods. The documentation required for customs clearance is:

  • Invoice of purchase of the merchandise.
  • Freight certification.
  • HBL or original air waybill.
  • Packing list.
  • Certifications of origin if applicable.
  • Approval from national authorities if applicable.
  • Previous permits, if applicable.