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Sea groupage

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Port of Charge Port of Discharge Cut off CFS ETD ETA TT (days) Service Vessel
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Valencia, ES Busan, KR 26-dic-19 01-ene-20 07-feb-20 37 Directo MSC REEF
Valencia, ES Buenos Aires, AR 26-dic-19 02-ene-20 24-ene-20 22 Directo MAERSK LINS
Valencia, ES Toronto, CA 31-dic-19 04-ene-20 23-ene-20 19 Directo MSC BRIANNA
Valencia, ES Veracruz, MX 31-dic-19 06-ene-20 26-ene-20 20 Directo MY NY
Valencia, ES Veracruz, MX 07-ene-20 13-ene-20 02-feb-20 20 Directo SANTA VANESSA