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Get a comprehensive logistics solution for your import and export operations, including storage in our bonded warehouse and the distribution of your goods. Take advantage of the logistics services we offer at our facilities located around Spain, in Ribarroja (Valencia), Onteniente (Valencia), Barcelona and Madrid.

    • We collect your goods and take them to our bonded warehouse to carry out the relevant customs procedures.
    • We prepare the shipment either as a full load or groupage.
    • We handle international haulage, shipping and air freight, based on your needs and those of your shipments.
    • We deal with customs procedures through our network of customs agents.
    • We transport your goods to their final destination.

We are authorised by the customs authority to act as customs warehouses for various different procedures. You can store your goods and withdraw them when you need them and you will only have to pay tax when they are cleared at customs. This gives you a general warehouse and bonded warehouse in one place.

We have our own warehouses to provide our customers with one seamless business and operations solution for their entire logistics chain.

Get customised comprehensive logistics solutions, from production to distribution to the point of sale with our services that integrate traditional logistics processes and the administrative processes inherent to the supply chain that affect:

    • Value Added Services (VAS), to storage such as packaging, labeling, packaging, copacking, handling, etc.
    • Specialized storage “in House”, specialized people and resources in logistics in the customer’s supply chain, with the advantages of having their own warehouse and the benefits of outsourcing their logistics needs.
    • National and international distribution plans.
    • Stock-taking.
    • The end supply chain.

 You will have your own agent, who knows exactly what you need for your projects and can offer you a customised service whenever required.


We solve your problems of lack of space and stock control with the added value of being a bonded warehouse.

By outsourcing your logistics services, you will be free to concentrate on your business whilst we take care of issues such as warehousing and distribution. This will enable you to reduce your logistics costs as we provide the warehouse, any equipment and machinery you may need, and the staff.








    Perfect for storing all kinds of goods that are not subject to any health, safety or security regulations with all the guarantees of a comprehensive service covering the entire logistics chain.


    Authorized warehouse to store packaged food fit for human consumption. This warehouse has a sanitary registry that allows food to be stored. This differs from the healthcare and medical product warehouse. Our food registered warehouse is certified by the Spanish Ministry of Health to store products for human consumption, as long as they are packed and can be kept at room temperature, such as snacks, nuts and biscuits.

    In addition, we also have theIFS Logisticscertification in one of our warehouses in Ribarroja, Valencia. This certification guarantees the safety of all food stored in our facilities.


  • Temperature-controlled warehousing

    Warehouses with controlled temperature that allows the storage of any type of merchandise up to a minimum temperature of 10 degrees, such as chocolate. Our refrigerated facilities are located in Valencia and have a capacity of 950 European pallets.


    By law, when healthcare, medical and cosmetic products are imported they must be stored in a suitably authorised warehouse, approved by the Spanish Medicines and Medical Product Agency. These warehouses can be used to store all kinds of products, such as medical and surgical equipment, and orthopaedic products.


    Our dangerous goods warehouses are located in Ribarroja. One of the warehouses has an area designed and equipped for the storage of chemical products with an approved surface area of 800 m2 and is authorized to store the following dangerous goods:

    • Flammable and combustible liquids: APQ – 1 (Spanish chemical storage classification)
    • Corrosive liquids: APQ – 6 (Spanish chemical storage classification)
    • Toxic liquids: ITC MIE APQ – 7 (Spanish chemical storage classification)

    While the other, built specifically for the storage of chemical products, is divided into two independent sectors, both against fire, which allows a wide typology of chemical goods to be stored according to the compatibility rules defined by the ITC MIE APQ-10. Depending on the sector, they are authorized to store:

    • Oxidizing Chemical Products: in a sector with an approved surface area of 800 m.
    • Dangerous chemical products : in another sector with an approved surface area of 4.500 m2.


    Our customs warehouses are authorised by the customs authority for use as:

    • Bonded warehouses (public or private): where your goods can remain indefinitely awaiting their final destination.
    • VAT warehouses: for EU goods or for those coming under the free circulation procedure.
    • Temporary storage facility: where the goods can be stored for up to 90 days. This is a more interesting option for temporarily importing goods and then re-exporting them.
    • Authorised facility for expor goods: included in the temporary storage facility since the new Customs Code came into force.
    • Tax warehousefor alcoholic drinks that are subject to excise duty. We offer this service in our Drinks Division which is specialised in wine and liquor logistics.

    Our facilities in the provinces of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia have an ecological warehouse certified by CAEM, CCPAE and CAECV respectively. This certification guarantees that the organic production regulations are respected. It authorizes us to:

    • Storage imported organic products from outside the EU on a DA AND ADT basis.
    • Storage products (transformed), with the ecological description.

    Vertical warehouse for efficient and dynamic preparation of orders by fractions and for the storage of small objects packed for sectors such as perfumery or electronics and small bulk products.

    A vertical carousel is made up of a system of rotating trays in which the different units are stored, and allows the simultaneous preparation of several orders for many SKUs, constituting a more compact storage and picking system.



    We provide other value added services to the logistics chain. These are some of the value-added services you can get at our facilities:

    • Assembly of exhibitors.
    • Preparation and delivery of orders.
    • Preparation of promotional packages.
    • Labeled and relabeled.
    • Shrink film packaging.
    • Transformation of individual products into mixed boxes.
    • Inventory management.
    • Returns management.
    • Waste management.



    We can distribute your goods as a full load or groupage. We also offer a small parcel service.  We give you the necessary tools so you can access your stock in our warehouses online.


  • MyTIBA

    Platform and information system with total integration of the flows from anywhere in the world to our logistics platform or your client’s home. We provide all the information about your shipments that can be managed when you prefer.

    • Visibility of operations (online access) – Gain more time.
    • Make your own management.
    • Track your submissions – Visibility of flows in real time.
    • Download your control maps.
    • Add documentation.
    • Get documents available in MyTIBA cloud.
    • Consult your document history.
  • Rom-E

    WMS – Let your IT system to interact directly with us.

    • Online visibility of stock and input and output movements.
    • Differents computer interfaces available.
    • Warehouse management through radiofrequency: FIFO/FEFO/LIFO and batch control SSCC.
    • Development of RFID solutions for different sectors.
    • Standardization and auditing processes, productivity improvements, and statistical task control.
    • Traceability management that guarantees the safety and quality of the goods, especially food.



    If you would like to have a work area near your goods in our warehouses, we rent out office space in our logistics platforms in Ribarroja (Valencia), Coslada (Madrid) and Barcelona, which have their own independent access, electricity, telephone and data facilities. They have heating and air conditioning, and are covered by the excellent security systems in operation at the logistics platforms.


Our logistics warehouses in Spain are located in Valencia (in Ribarroja and Onteniente), Madrid and Barcelona, and have a total surface area of over 50,000 m2, with a storage capacity of almost 55,000 pallets.





You can get information online about your stock in all our warehouses at all times.

All of our warehouses are managed using RF technology. This system provides the goods’ status and location at all times by reading their assigned bar code reading. This is also useful to check the origin of the goods and any other information that has been recorded.

We also have warehousing facilities in Portugal, Panama and Mexico.

Ask us about our logistics solutions for storage and distribution, and get tailored advice. Contact us and we will come up with a solution!
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Within the commitment of Tiba Logistics Spain SLU in terms of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, the Prevention of Serious Accidents derived from the storage and handling of dangerous substances or products that may affect the health of people in our environment as well as the environment, this Serious Accident Policy is drafted.

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