Logistics measures in the fight against the coronavirus

Learn about the logistics measures in each country where we have a presence facing world situation produced by Covid 19.

Following the declaration of a pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and its spread around the world, all countries have been taking measures to stop the virus.

These measures are affecting, to a greater or lesser extent, the international transport of goods.

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Last update 07/05/20

State of emergency until 14/05/20. Algeria is closed from 17:00 to 07:00 in 9 states (main states), like Algiers and Skikda and Oran were we have our offices. For the rest of the country states it is closed from 19:00 to 07:00.

OfficesAlgiers and Oran’s offices are working from 8:30 to 14:30 and Skikda’s office will re-open on May, 10 from 8:30 to 15:30.
PortsOpen but with part time work due to time restriction.
AirportsOpen but with part time work due to time restriction.
RoadsOpen but with part time work due to time restriction.
Land transport
Logistic warehousesOpen but with part time work due to time restriction.
CustomsCustoms working 50%. Government has decreased specific cargo to be imported.​
Government economic actionsSpecific taxes have been revised. Further measurements to be anounce.​


Última actualización 07/05/20

State of emergencies until 11/05/20. Expect renewal of 15 more days.

OfficesWorking with 50% of the team between 08:00 to 15:00 (Rrotation system). Our team leaders make telework till 18:00.
PortsOpened with 50% of employees till 18:00. Vessels operate normally till 18:00.
AirportsClosed for commercial flights with some exceptions for cargo.

RoadsAble to circulate till 18:00.
Land transport
Logistic warehousesOpened till 18:00.
CustomsWorking with 50% of employees and forbidden physical access.
Government economic actionsInforming population to stay at home for those who dont have job, and for workers to take precautions and avoid concentrations.


Last update 07/05/20

The Cape Verdean President, declared on Saturday (28/03/20) the emergency situation in the country for 20 days. All inter-island connections are suspended in the country to halt the progress of the pandemic in the archipelago, among other restrictive measures.

OfficesStaff working from home with remote access and one person on duty at the office.
PortsPorts working with restrictions but normal service. Shipping lines start 100% in telework.
AirportsAirports closed. Only for workers of airport and terminal.
AirfreightNo international flights/ No domestic flights.
Land transport
Logistic warehousesBonded warehouse at port, working in 50%. Private warehouse (outside of the port), is working under request.
CustomsCustoms are working at 50% from 08.00 to 15.00.
Government economic actionsPublic department working in 50%, from 08.00 to 12.00.
Banks working in 50%, from 08.00 to 12.00.
Private companies working 50%, 08.00 to 14.00.


Last update 07/05/20

Submit to mandatory quarantine everyone who has recently traveled or has had contact with whoever has traveled. Prohibit religious cults, activities other than activities of a state nature and strictly necessary. Limit movement of people on the street. Support measures for the private sector. Government request for turnover at work. New extension e 30-day State of Emergency starting on May 1st to 30th May.

Offices50% of the staff works in the office.
PortsPorts Working. Normal Service for export and import service. No congestion. Shipping lines start 100% in telework. And some person will stay in the office to prepare delivery order and receive payments.
SeafreightWe will proceed with our service as norma level, always in alert, of course.
AirportsAirports open but only charter aircraft for repatriation. Cargo terminal working normal.
RoadsAll borders with in Mozambique closed for person and trucks.
Land transportOnly food cargo and pharm, can cross the borders.
Logistic warehouses
CustomsCustoms are working 50%. Normal Service, not delays.
Government economic actionsIncreased hygiene control measures in public entities and the private sector. Reduction of passengers in public transport and trains.



Last update 08/05/20

Mandatory social isolation except for essential industries and services.

Offices25% of the staff work in the office.
PortsPorts operating normally although with reduced staff.
SeafreightThe maritime offices work with reduced hours.
AirportsAirports only open to cargo flights.
AirfreightNo internal flights.
RoadsTransports with essential cargo work normally, limited to authorized load.
Land transportInternational land transport limited to food/essentials.

Logistic warehousesWarehouses working with reduced staff.
CustomsCustom operating at 50%.
Government economic actionsMandatory social isolation with excepted essential industries and services.


Last update 02/04/20

Curfew with total restrictions as from 27/03/20. Land borders closed, for noncommercial crossing. Passengers flights cancelled or highly restricted.

OfficesWorking remotely at 95%. Office will be closed as from 26/03/2020. Office hours reduced to 10.00 till 13.00.
PortsPorts Working. Export with waiting list due to lack of containers and blank sailings, specially to Far East. Fear of terminal congestion due to import not being picked up.
SeafreightImports from specific sectors are put on hold and bookings cancelled.
AirportsAirports open. Cargo terminal working with only day shift
AirfreightHeavy cancelation of flights. Limited space. Increase of air freight. Many rerouting with additional charges.
RoadsRoads with traffic restrictions. Special corridors for cargo trucks.
Land transportTransport is getting more difficult due to lack of drivers.
Logistic warehouses
CustomsCustoms are working normally, but with many clerks working remotely. EDI working with some delay. Red status is being changed to yellow (ie. No physical inspection). Sanitary inspection are taking longer.
Government economic actions


Last update 07/05/20

The country operates on a regular basis. The state has reinforced sanitary measures at airports, ports, international marinas, and cities hygiene. All public events have been suspended, although restaurants, bars and entertainment centers continue to function normally.

OfficesWorking hours remain unchanged.
PortsThe port area of Mariel and the port of Santiago de Cuba normally operating.
SeafreightThe ships continue to arrive without problems.
AirportsAirports closed to passengers, open only for cargo.
RoadsLimited transportation, fumigation, and sanitary controls on all roads. Only the necessary goods.
Land transportGround transportation suffers additional delays because all trucks and cars are being fumigated as they move from one province to another.
Logistic warehouses
CustomsCustoms working normally.
Government economic actionsFactories and agriculture continue to work to substitute imports and export as possible.


Last update 01/05/20

Country with restriction and home confinement. Border for the crossing of people. Curfew between 19:00 and 05:00 until 06/01/20. The de-escalation begins on 05/20/20, supermarkets, pharmacies and other basic necessities open from 07:00; the public sector opens from 08:00 to 50% and public transport will function from 06:00 to 18:00 with 30% of capacity.

OfficesOffice closed. Staff working remotely.
PortsPorts open only for cargo.

SeafreightImport have dropped severely. Lack of containers for export
AirportsAirports open only for cargo.
Land transport
Logistic warehouses
CustomsCustoms working at 50%.
Government economic actions


Last update 08/05/20

Emergency state till June.

OfficesOffices closed and staff working remotely.
Ports Working at 50%.

SeafreightComplications to release containers at port, its still working with several delays.

AirportsJust cargo flights, not passengers flights.

AirfreightIts working at 70%.

RoadsWorking at 50%.

Land transportFew truck companies are working regularly.
Logistic warehousesWorking at 50%, some delays with the spaces to stock the cargo.

CustomsWorking at 50%, the operation is slow.

Governmet economic actions


Last update 07/05/20

Country on red alert. Closed borders. All public areas and call centers are closed. It is not possible to circulate between 18:00 and 06:00.

OfficesThe offices are closed but operational with our staff working with remote access.
PortsOperational. The ports are open, but we are only allowed to deliver food and medical supplies to the final destination, all other goods remain in the port until further notice.
SeafreightIn operation, but functional cargo is a port unless it is food and medical supplies.
AirportsAirports working for cargo planes.
AirfreightOnly in freighters. It will only serve food and medical supplies, the rest of the merchandise will remain at the airport until further notice.
RoadsOpen with roadblocks.
Land transportPermit only to transport medical supplies and food.
Logistic warehouses Open with restricted hours.
CustomsOpen. Operating only for medical supplies and food related procedures.
Government economic actionsSubsidy for families of limited resources $ 300 and opening of credit lines for SMEs.


Last update 07/05/20

Country under red alert. Borders closed. All public areas closed and country under curfew.

OfficesAll departments (financial, operations and sales) work from 08:00 to 14:00.
AirportsClosed for traffic except cargo flights.
AirfreightOnly cargo flights.
RoadsWithout restrictions for the transport of goods and with restrictions for the free movement of intra-departmental people.
Land transportNo restrictions.
Logistic warehousesOpen with restricted hours.
Government economic actionsSupport for low-income people.


Last update 07/05/20

Among the measures approved, the following stand out: the extension of the National Sana Distancia Day until May 30, and extension until that date, of the suspension of non-essential activities, in order to mitigate the spread and transmission of the SARS-CoV virus- 2 in the community, to reduce the burden of disease, its complications and death from COVID-19 in the population residing in the national territory.

Offices88% of our staff is working remotely from home.
PortsMexican ports are operating in a regular basis. Principal Mexican ports such as Veracruz, Altamira, Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas applying COVID-19 preventive protocols to keep moving. Most of Customs agents and maritime agencies working at home office.
SeafreightImport and export operation service as usual. No congestion at mexican ports. Shipping lines continue working from home, we are experiencing some delays in the response from them. Always on waiting list for space. High ability to be offload. Transit time is un-predictable.
AirportsSince global confinement began, the number of daily flights has dropped almost 90% in some regions and almost all passenger traffic has been suspended. Main airports such as Mexico City International Airport, Monterrey and Guadalajara working normally. EDI working with some delay. Sanitary inspection are taking longer.
AirfreightFor commercial flights, all booking related to COVID-19 airline require prepaid also. Shipment be parted to several lots may happen for big cargo like 30+ cbm, and when all cargo arrive airline warehouse, airline will ask for pre-paid. Always on waiting list for space. High ability to be offload. Transit time is un-predictable. Combined land-air transportation via Vietnam airport.
RoadsThe borders continue to operate normally.
Land transportThe lines operate regularly, only hygiene measures for operators have been increased: use of face masks and gloves. It is suggested to sanitize the cabin of the tracts after each service with soap and / or chlorine. Operators should carry antibacterial gel with them. Border travel restrictions do no apply to cargo. Individuals involved in trade will not be restricted to border crossing, but some warehouses at Laredo are closed to receive cargo.
Logistic warehousesOur warehouses are operating normally but with new impossed safety measures.
CustomsSecretary of Economics authorizes additional procedures by VUCEM web to protect users and public workers.
Government economic actions


Last update 11/05/20

Country under full curfew since 24/03/20.

OfficesPart of our staff is working remotely. New office hours from 08.00 to 15.00.
PortsPorts operating. Panama canal open.
SeafreightRegular operations.

AirportsInternational airports only operating for cargo planes.
AirfreightTocumen Airport prepare biosafety plan for its possible reopening on June 1,2020 for comercial flights.
RoadsEntry and exit restrictions at the border with Costa Rica for cargo carriers.
Land transportTrucking restricted.
Logistic warehousesOur warehouses operating under restricted conditions.
CustomsCustoms operating at 50%.
Government economic actionsThe first draft is evaluated for the progressive removal of the quarantine, starting with the construction sector. The Ministry of Health publishes guidelines for the gradual return to normality.


Last update 08/05/20

Full curfew till 11/05/20 and probably, the quarentine, will be extended 2 more weeks .

OfficesOpen 3 days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09:00 to 13:00.
PortsPorts working at 50%.
SeafreightThe ports are starting to have people with contagoius, so its difficult now to offer a quick service.

AirportsAirport only open to cargo flights, not for passengers flights.
AirfreightIts working with no delays.
RoadsWorking at 50%.
Land transportHave to anounce to the trucking service one week before we can week.
Logistic warehousesWorking at 50%, there is a lot of problems with extra charges that they are ot involve, so we are trying to check this issue with local companies. No spaces to stock the cargo.
CustomsWorkig at 50%, the operation is slow.

Government economic actions



Last update 02/04/20

Country slowly lifting confinement. Factories back to work. Schools to reopen. Heavy cancelations of orders to Europe and US, except for healthcare and medical cargo.

Offices Offices all open and working.
PortsPorts working. Still heavy congestion and import cargo awaiting customs.
SeafreightExport slowed as orders are being canceled by customers in Europe, Latinamerica and India.
AirportsGetting back to normal, but most passenger flights still canceled.
AirfreightCargo flights increasing.
RoadsNo specific issues, but high demand.
Land transport
Logistic warehousesWarehouse becomming over congested as order canceled. Still many import cargo remaining and not released.
CustomsCustoms working normal.
Government economic actions



Last update 20/05/20

It is recommended to continue teleworking, although gradually everything returns to “normal” (with known security standards).

OfficesOur team begins to join the offices on 18/05/20 (except sales team). At the end of May, we expect that 70% of the staff will be working in the offices (as long as space permits ensure the safety distances).
PortsOperating without incident except in the port of Lisbon regularly affected by intermittent dockers’ strikes. Alternative Sines or Leixoes.
SeafrightIn general, restricted space on ships (blank sailings).
AirfreightSuffering congestion of Chinese airports. Hanoi is an alternative route for the import cargo South China origin.
RoadsNo impact on the transport of goods.
Land transportOperating without restrictions.
Logictic warehousesOperating.
CustomsOperating without alteration.
Government economic actionsSupport to companies with drops of 40% of their activity in the previous 60 days.


Last update 06/05/20

The state of alarm continues, but people are allowed to circulate during restricted hours for individual sports and shops of less than 400 m2 are open but only with an appointment.

OfficesWorking remotely at 90%. In shifts for customs and financial and operation teams.
PortsOperating without incident.
SeafreightIn general, restricted space on ships (blank sailings).
AirportsOpen for the transport of goods.
AirfreightSuffering congestion of Chinese airports. Hanoi is an alternative route for the import cargo South China origin.
RoadsNo impact on the transport of goods.
Land transportOperating without restrictions.
Logistic warehousesOperating.
CustomsMany process have been digitized and many documents are not physically signed (eg EUR-1).
Government economic actionsImplementation of minimum living income. Compensation of remuneration affected by ERTE. Streamlining of CO loans with state guarantee.