Logistics adapted to the supply chain in every industry

We solve the logistics needs of our customers by getting support of our teams located all over the world.

Solutions adapted to all the industrial sectors: food and perishables, drinks, construction, renewable energies, events, hospitality and tourism, gas and oil, fashion and retail, technology and other services.


Send your goods by sea, air and land. We will offer you the option that suits better the needs of each operation.


Benefit from our appropriate storage and distribution services for your supply chain. We have logistic warehouses in in different areas of the country.


As customs brokers, we have developed a true specialty in solutions that optimize the customs and fiscal part of its operations.


We share the passion for our motto “Yes, it can be done” by providing turnkey project services and project cargo services for large and heavy goods.

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COVID19 Disclaimer


Without prejudice to our terms and conditions, fully applicable to the services provided by TIBA, we inform you that TIBA will not be liable for any damage, loss, delay, cancellation, cost, penalty or damage of any kind, the direct or indirect cause of which is the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and/or any of its variants or mutations. TIBA reserves the right, without incurring any costs or liability, to unilaterally modify or cancel any present or future service and/or to take any preventive or safety measures, also without incurring any costs or liability, the possibility that there is any risk of contamination of persons, animals or things by that virus; and/or any of its variations or mutations